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Tips On Online Reputation Management

First Google Yourself- The very initial thing that you require doing is go to Google yourself or your business name.

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Tips On Online Reputation Management

Basically, management of online reputation is the practice of managing what shows up whenever somebody does a Google search on your name or business name. The very first step towards controlling any online situation is to determine whether or not indeed you got any problem. After that, you have to establish how bad that problem actually is.

First Google Yourself

The very initial thing that you require doing is go to Google yourself or your business name.

However, note that:

Google uses personalized and localized searches whenever you are already signed into your personal account. Put differently, Google slightly modifies your search results to have them more pertinent to your search based on your current location and what Google already know concerning you via your own Google account.

That person who is searching you is not going to have the same type of customizations, so ensure that you signed out prior to searching so that you may be able to get an accurate snapshot of the way your results would typically appear to others.

When you are searching for yourself, ensure that you are using the very name that people would be using to search for you with.
Diagnosis your Google Ranking Category

After you got your Google search results, it is now time to try and figure out under which category your rank and general online reputation you fall into. Determine under which of these categories listed below is the best representative your first web page search results.

It could even be a mixture of these categories.

Negative: Perhaps the worst class or category to fall under since it implies you got one or even more search results that are negative representing you. It is, however, important to note that, this category or group is not the preserve of bad people and criminals. In the contemporary social networking world and anonymous sharing, it becomes disturbingly very easy to get your reputation stained. It would only take a single tagged photo, status update, blog post, from your angry ex, a false accusation, a tirade by a former employee or some wild friend to get you placed in this harmful negative online reputation category.

Irrelevant: These could be results that are regarding you, although really they don’t hurt or help you. They are simply results which are entirely irrelevant or outdated.

‘Not Me’ Category: In this outcome, your search results have been dominated by someone or even by several persons bearing your name. That person’s search results for better or worse are creating your first impression to you or the reader. Under the best circumstances, they are simply preventing that searcher from getting anything meaningful concerning you. The worst scenario would be that the searcher could actually mistake you to be somebody else, who got a negative and bad online reputation.

Relevant and Positive: This implies that your results are full of relevant, positive and well-branded online content which is really concerning you.

Last Word

After identifying where you are categorized, it now becomes your task to get proactive and begin improving on your search results. Your objective will be to pack your first web page with as numerous positive search results as feasible. You have various online tools that can be used to rebrand your sagging reputation. This will depend on the kind of reputation aspect you want to correct, such as replying to allegation, giving the correct picture or making things more clearer.


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